Sunday, July 21, 2013

Giveaway Wins and A Blog Hop.

Come On Rain!

This is a look at the lake (Lake Mead) a few days ago. Storm clouds produced a few scattered showers.  No rain at my house but a downpour a half mile down the road. Baked two pound cakes and a tray of dog biscuits this morning. Too hot and humid but things have to get done. The dogs circled the stove as the biscuits baked and are now circling the table where the biscuits cool. One dog is quite tall and can clean up the table in a second! It`s a reminder of our Great Dane, Sinbad Samson, who nabbed  an Easter Ham from the stove top and ate well.

I finished my HO HO HO Blog Hop project. It`s a secret.

And-I won two Giveaways!

Thearica at  PigTales and Quilts had a super Giveaway to celebrate her daughter`s birthday. She made a beautiful Tammy Bag including a change purse and a sweet drawstring bag holding tasty mints. Her pictures are nicer than those I took. This bag will hold an unbelievable amount of items. I use mine to keep my shopping organized. You can buy the Tammy Project Bag Pattern HERE

I won a $20.00 Fabric Worm Gift Certificate as part of Clover and Violet`s ongoing Season By Hand Series. This was pretty darn exciting for me. Wow, fabric money! I chose this custom fabric bundle. I am fond of old travel trailers so I adore Michael Miller`s Travelin` Thru fabric. The rest of the bundle are perfect blends.

I will shop at Fabric Worm again. It`s an easy to navigate site with lots of great fabric and superb customer service.

Finally had rain yesterday. More lightening than rain, but a drizzle is better than nothing.  Temperatures are cooler too.

I`m hoping the fires in California subside very soon. Too much tragedy in the West this summer. And there`s a lot of summer left. I hear this one was man caused. I like long jail time for arsonists. Firefighter`s, families and wildlife are at risk. Yep, long jail time in a hideous prison.

That`s about it. Thank you for visiting.


  1. We've been so lucky and have gotten a nice rain shower three times in the last week. They don't last long but every little bit helps in this summer heat! blessings, marlene

  2. I love that fabric!!! I'd also love to have your dog bisquit recipe!

  3. Congrats on winning TWO give-aways! Lucky gal!!


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