Sunday, September 22, 2013

Arizona Pictures and what`s been happening!

Hello. It`s a lovely desert day.  A friend sent me these wonderful scraps and fabric samples. How lucky am I! They are just right for my craft show projects. See the bundle of zippers? I bought a lot of 25  from  Zipit Zippers , a great Etsy shop. Huge selection ,good customer service, really good prices and fast shipping! I`ve been so busy and sometimes a little tired so am just now getting started with my sewing. 

  Now I`ll share a few pictures of our Arizona beauty.  It`s cooler, 50`s in early morning, and we have an unusual resurgence of yellow flowers and green mountains.There was lots of flooding and it brought our desert back to life.

 This is about ten miles from home. We never have smog, once in a while smoke from fires. You can`t see them but there are hundreds of black and yellow caterpillers crossing the road

 The tree to the left is a Cat`s Claw and it sure matches that description. The white flowers are gourd blossoms. It is Datura. I don`t know the name of the yellow flowers. They make  the landscape glow.

 On the back side of all this green is a dry lake bed, Red Lake. It`s a little mucky and soggy from all the rain. Lots of car commercials are filmed on that lake bed. If you happen to drive by when they are filming you can see the cars smashed up in the process of filming the commercials. Movies are filmed out here too.

 The hills are not normally that green, or green at all.

 More Datura, sage and flowers.

Almost home!

Thank you for visiting.. I heard geese going south last week. Made my day. Bless you all,

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  1. Hi Cathy, glad hubby is getting better and you are getting things done. I'm writing this from the cleveland airport on my way home for CA. Can't wait to get home.


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