Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fresh Eggs

Aren`t they beautiful! I love fresh eggs  A five minute ride to my neighbor`s (too hot to walk)! It`s nice knowing where your food comes from. Her rooster is an extra benefit. I call him food for the soul. Every morning he announces the day.  I grew up hearing roosters, watching squirrels steal corn from the corn crib and dodging a friends gander who liked scaring the bejeebers out of two little girls. When you are small that wingspan makes him look like a 747.

Our air is less humid and temperatures are rising. After I walk Sam in the morning I fill outside water dishes for the quail, rabbits and whatever else comes along. One summer day we found a King Snake chillin` in a water dish. Late afternoons I deep water my willows and lilacs. This morning I packed up hubby`s clothes to donate to a local charity. Big step. I`m also donating all my vintage and antique linens and glassware. My Quaker Lace tablecloths too.  Why keep that stuff packed away taking up room?  I reconnected with two half sisters I haven`t seen in years. They found me. It is nice. Making plans to paint the house exterior and rent a dumpster to clean up the acre. So much stuff!
 I have pack rats in one shed. I`ll deal with them next week.  When you put some light on where they stay they tend to go elsewhere. So, I`m clearing that building entirely out leaving no room for them to hide. Yuk! I don`t poison critters because something else, perhaps an owl, vulture or hawk  will eat them and also be poisoned.  I`ll be sewing in a few minutes for the See You In September Blog Hop. I am so happy to be motivated again.

That`s about all for today. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hugs and prayers while you clean up. I know it is hard. It is so hard sometimes to part with things you love, but also if you don't use it it is better to find a new home. That is what DH and I have been doing too! I started watering and feeding the birds around here, there is one that is too small and after over 2 weeks of him hopping around between the barn and woodshed, hiding in the high grass, sitting on my deck with is buddies when I am inside decided he could probably go for some fresh water, and some food to grow strong and maybe fly away.

  2. One of the most difficult things to do...what I have learned from the past...I did not listen to anyone till I was ready...sounds like you are ready...and I am with you ..nothing better than fresh eggs...I have a dear friend who brings me a flat every couple of weeks...

  3. Beautiful eggs, almost pastel shades.

    Good for you for the ambitious cleaning. Sounds like a whole lotta work. Just take a day at a time.

  4. Fresh eggs and a clean up...perfect. And I can understand why you are donating your treasures. I found that after my husband's diagnosis..things had much different meanings for me..

  5. We love having fresh eggs from our girls most days, and we give the excess eggs to our very grateful neighbours, who tell us they don't mind the rooster crowing at 5 am!
    I can understand the culling of many of your possessions, but your LINENS? Oh Cathy, I wish I lived nearer!

  6. My sister has chickens....calls them her "girls." They are laying a lot right now but usually when I go I get to share in the bounty. :) blessings, marlene


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