Friday, November 28, 2014

Appreciate Where You Live

I admit living in one place 25 years it`s easy to take where I planted myself for granted. Yes I miss the change of seasons I grew up with. But, I have to admit this is a place of beauty. Sometimes you have to take a second or third look.

This is my son. Had we not moved here he would not have found his passion for Wildland firefighting. He worked for National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management 15 years, retiring when he was injured.

Carlos Elmer. In my opinion this photographer put Arizona Highways Magazine on the map.

This is Carlos Elmer`s View. Just down the road from where I live. It`s across the road from the sign above.

Then there is Grand Canyon Skywalk.   An issue with many tourists is the Skywalk folks require you to give them your camera. No picture taking allowed. You can buy pictures after the tour. I prefer the Grand Canyon South Rim near Williams. Take all the pictures you want.

South Rim. You can see the Colorado River in the Canyon`s bottom.

 You get to keep your camera at the the South and North rims. This is the South Rim.

Then there is Lake Mead . Nice views, great fishing despite the lower water levels. It is getting harder to launch boats. Most of my friends fish from the bank. Real hot in the summer. It`s beautiful now.

This is a view I took from the Arizona side, about 10 miles from my house.

My next post will have more pictures and a little more history of the Meaview area including this:

Till next time,

Cathy (and you thought I was just about linens) haha!


  1. Thanks for a little tour of your part of the world. We visited the Grand Canyon, South Rim a few years ago and fell in love with the area. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thank you Shelia! I had the best vacations when my son worked at the Canyon.

  3. I cannot imagine ever getting tired of your views. I have been to that area multiple times in my life and people kind of look at me like I am crazy when I say that it is almost magical. The changes in colors, shadows, the play of light depending on the time of day, clouds etc. You are a very fortunate lady.

  4. Pretty scenery, for sure, Cathy. And I like your new blog header!

    1. Thank you Nancy. The wreath was made by a blogger as part of a blog hop. I like because it`s simple in design. Twine and a few poinsettia. I`ll bet I spelled that wrong.

      I want you to know I am doing much better. I will be widowed a year in January. I don`t like that word widowed. I`m strong and moving on thanks to God`s love.

  5. Just beautiful, I thought you lived in the desert. Well you do live in the desert, I just did not expect it to be that pretty in places. I enjoyed your tour, and waiting for more. This is as close as I will get to seeing your part of the woods.

  6. Hi Cathy, thank you so much for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and, please, accept my condolences upon the death of your husband. For me, the first two years were horrid and, had it not been for the grace of God, I would have followed my husband. I'm functioning better now and today bought a coffee cup that holds memory, promise and love. I'll blog about it soon.
    Your photos are beautiful; Dave and I visited your part of the country in 1996 but the North Rim and stayed in one of the little cabins. Please tell your son, "thank you for serving". My former BIL is a firefighter theirs is a dangerous job.
    God bless you and keep you; you'll be in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas season.

  7. Arizona is truly a magnificent state, Cathy! We drove there this autumn from the Four Corners area through Navajo Nation and were amazed by all the unusual topography and the beauty. We had to make time as we were headed for Chandler to attend a wedding, but some day I'd love to take that ride again more leisurely and stop and see more.
    The Grand Canyon is a sight to see! I did not know that no cameras were allowed on the walkway overhang! I like taking the Bright Angel trail when we visited years ago.


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