Sunday, April 12, 2015

Arizona Wildflowers. Another Page Turns.

We`had a beautiful spring thanks to late winter showers. My favorites are the white bells on the Agave farther down the page. It`s still cool, about 70. Nights are about 40. I`m well The year anniversary's of my family members deaths has passed. It was dreadful but I`m doing much better now. Rented space in a shop to sell my vintage collections and let someone else enjoy those things.  I had to bring Mr Cat indoors because he was making a major dent in the snake and lizard population. I don`t want him running into a rattlesnake. My life is good. God has been generous with his love and blessings.

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California Poppy

Poppies and Desert Mallow

Desert Primrose

Bells on my Agave. This is a banner year for Agave blooms. Every one has these luscious creamy flowers. Very unusual.

Old yard tools sitting against a Joshua Tree.

More Desert Mallow

I don`t know the name of these snowball white flowers. The gnarly tree is the base of my Desert Willow.


  1. Beautiful colors in the desert Cathy, probably your favorite time of the year? Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I just cannot believe it has been a year and that you are doing so well...I want to be you...a survivor!!!

  3. It looks like a very blooming and lovely spring. Glad you are doing well.

  4. Thanks Nancy. It`s going to be 33 tonight, probably the end of the flowers, LoL. I`m doing great. Still have those sad moments, but nothing like last year.


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