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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Precision Deluxe Stitchmatic Electric Sewing Machine

Good Morning. Yesterday I bought a Precision Deluxe Stitchmatic Electric sewing machine. Ten dollars at the thrift shop. I love everything about it. Made in Japan, almost no wear and since it is a Singer 15 clone my Singer short shank attachments and bobbin case fit.  I need to buy a foot pedal. Other than that it`s ready to go.

The last two nights there was  a light rain. The sun is up now making it just right for a walk. The temps will be in the 60'S. I am doing real well and waiting impatiently for the fabric shops to start selling the Have a Latte fabrics. I`m excited about this upcoming blog hop. The button is on my sidebar.

Thank you my blog friends and first time visitors for stopping by. I appreciate it!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Back To Normal

 I took an unexpected break from blogging this month. January 3rd was the first anniversary of my 
husbands death. It set me back for a while. I didn`t realize the start of year two would have as great an impact as it did.  As usual my friends were great, keeping me busy and on the right track. I`m almost back to where I was before the 3rd.

I`m  sewing again and looking forward to  Madam Sam`s March Blog Hop, Have A Latte. This Hop celebrates everything coffee. Wait till you see the Have a Latte fabrics!

My water delivery will be here shortly so I must break away. I truly appreciate your visit. I am finishing WIP`s and will share them as I complete them.

I bought a "to die for" six foot by four foot solid oak farmhouse kitchen table. It`s my work table now, sitting in my kitchen. I will share a picture when I get re-aquainted with my camera. It came with  2, two foot by four foot leaves too heavy for me to lift. I love it!

That`s all for today.

Thank you,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sunrise Welcomes 2015

My backyard just after sunrise. Beautiful! The Mohave Desert has many surprises. Click on the picture and it will enlarge.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Friends and A Few Pictures

This little fellow is my new friend. He was left here, alone in the desert, by his former owners. They moved and dumped him. I`m not creative with pet names anymore. I call him O.C. Short for orange cat. I already named him something else, but decided on something short and easy to remember.I have had 30 cats over the years. I chose the easy name. Till I have him neutered he lives on my enclosed porch.

I think you met OC in a previous post.

I`m wishing you wonderful holidays. Friends invited me to their Christmas dinner. I`m really blessed.  I have been occupied with everything except sewing.  The weather is lots cooler making it nicer to work outdoors.

 My best friend of 25 years died three days ago. So much loss this year.   None of us could believe my son and her son would lose a parent in the same year.  Our boys are close. Like brothers. Both are successful young men.  Her husband passed me this morning on his way home to `Vegas. I was going on a shopping trip down the road. Big hugs. Sadness comes to all of us and we work through it with the help of God and our friends. I have come a long way. Doing so much better.

Here a few pictures after the last rain a few days ago. No snow yet, but the rain froze on the ground. The plants are bright because they were were still soaked and the early morning sun was on them

 The view from my back yard.

Facing east you can barely see the cliffs in the background. The Colorado River is behind the cliffs.

Thanks so much for visiting. 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Appreciate Where You Live

I admit living in one place 25 years it`s easy to take where I planted myself for granted. Yes I miss the change of seasons I grew up with. But, I have to admit this is a place of beauty. Sometimes you have to take a second or third look.

This is my son. Had we not moved here he would not have found his passion for Wildland firefighting. He worked for National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management 15 years, retiring when he was injured.

Carlos Elmer. In my opinion this photographer put Arizona Highways Magazine on the map.

This is Carlos Elmer`s View. Just down the road from where I live. It`s across the road from the sign above.

Then there is Grand Canyon Skywalk.   An issue with many tourists is the Skywalk folks require you to give them your camera. No picture taking allowed. You can buy pictures after the tour. I prefer the Grand Canyon South Rim near Williams. Take all the pictures you want.

South Rim. You can see the Colorado River in the Canyon`s bottom.

 You get to keep your camera at the the South and North rims. This is the South Rim.

Then there is Lake Mead . Nice views, great fishing despite the lower water levels. It is getting harder to launch boats. Most of my friends fish from the bank. Real hot in the summer. It`s beautiful now.

This is a view I took from the Arizona side, about 10 miles from my house.

My next post will have more pictures and a little more history of the Meaview area including this:

Till next time,

Cathy (and you thought I was just about linens) haha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Twas The Night

Ah, my day!

 Thank you Marlene, our cheerleader from  Stitchin` By The lake and Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt , the creator of  this Hop. Here is a quickie rundown of the rules. The plan is to make a gift able to be completed in a few hours.  Each participant sends a gift to the Hop member whose name is below our name on the list and receives a gift from another member whose name is above ours..  We also have the option of providing our ideas for easy, quick to make and not too expensive gifts. It`s been fun seeing presents sent, presents received and project ideas provided by our participants.

Gifts I Received

I received these gifts from Brittany at
Pickle`s Quilting

Isn`t this wreath splendid? And I love that she used twine for the wreath base. It is just what I wanted.
Brittany you can correct me if it`s not twine.

Look at this beautiful fabric! Brittany was generous here too. I love lime green.

And how about the batiks? Wonderful rich colors.

I made lots of small presents for my family,. Here are a couple of hot pad/ mug rugs I made for a neighbor. I can`t post any gifts because they must remain a secret!.

My friend is from the midwest. She loved the Americana style fabric I chose. It reminded her of home.

Below is a list of today`s participants. Please visit them to see their wonderful projects and leave a comment about their lovely projects. You are now at Cate`s Linens.  Thank you for visiting!

Cate’s Linens

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cats and Cactus

I call her Autumn. She`s not a stray. She`s well fed so she lives somewhere in the neighborhood, stopping by to visit nearly every day. She must be desert smart because the coyotes haven`t grabbed her. She is more a creamy color. I always kept my cats indoors. 

I just noticed Autumn is Armando. He`s still a cutie!

My Agave. It does well in drought.

My New Journey

Not so new now. It`s been 10 months and I`m moving along. Realizing I did what I could to help my husband. Survivor guilt is gone.  I`m learning to not feel guilty for laughing or admitting it is indeed a beautiful day. It`s okay to be happy. It`s still a bother cooking for one. My dogs keep me sane. I made an extra effort to renew friendships.  I do sew, just in short bursts. Getting ready for the church craft show in November and the next blog hop. Check my sidebar.

I sorted scrap metal today for a trip to the landfill. It`s everywhere! Stored sheet aluminum for my son. He`s having another spinal fusion  December 3. Going to buy elderberry syrup again. It`s great for colds and allergies.  Washed the car. Used what I thought was a clean towel to dry it and now my Ford is covered with fur!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are well and happy. It`s autumn now. Cool nights and mornings. I am really blessed.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

See You In September Blog Hop, My Day

Thanks to Shari, aka Fearless Leader and Madam Samm, the creator of this Hop, for giving us a platform to share our creations. We are required to make three projects, one showcasing Riley Blake Gingham. RBD was considering discontinuing their gingham line. How silly was that! The medium gingham has been saved. Alas the small and large patterns will be gone. Hey, we still have the medium, which I find just about right for my projects. The other items we made were our choice.

 My last minute pictures were taken in the rain. The remnants of Hurricane Norbert are passing through today and tomorrow. I won`t be covered in dust, a bonus.

I crocheted a warm, cozy  hat with a pom pom on top.  Just for me. The dog carried it to bed a few days ago. A stamp of approval!

A hot pad for my daughter in law. The pad is lined with Insulbright and Warm and Natural Cotton Batting. I`m also going to make her a matching table topper. The fabric was given to me a few years ago. I like the quaint print. I love my daughter in law!

I made this table mat for me.  The gingham is Riley Blake. The print is Moda`s Glamping. It`s lined with flannel and backed with lime green Kona Cotton. I liked working with scraps.

Below is the list of today`s presenters. Please visit them and enjoy their creations.

I haven`t been able to visit previous posts for this Hop. I promise that I`ll catch up with all of you. 


Monday, September 1, 2014

 Grief is a bear. I have more to deal with right now. I`ll be okay. I`ll be back. Thanks for your support.