Monday, August 25, 2008

Vintage Blue Gingham Poodle Apron

Isn`t this poodle apron cute? It was in a lot of vintage aprons I found on Ebay. Miss Poodle is done in black cross stitch and on her neck is a red beaded collar.

I had a poodle skirt or two in my youth (grade school) and I also remember a wool skirt that had little fabric suitcases attached. My twin sister and I wore the skirts once and the drycleaner shredded the suitcases. My grandmother was not a woman to trifle with and after terrifiying the manager, was reimbursed for those sweet skirts.

Back to the apron. If you click on the pictures you may be able to see the openwork mixed in with the cross stitch along the bottom and on the pocket. I hadn`t seen that before on gingham.

My next find, for only a quarter is this very cool Hawaiian shirt. It has those gorgeous white hibiscus and carved coconut shell buttons. The bottom edge is starting to fray so I thought it might make a cute apron.

Then I found this navy blue gingham apron with white rick rack. I`m still working on the yellow spot on the front. It has very nice Chicken Scratch Embroidery on the pockets and the hem and I love the white rick rack on the sides and the pockets. This is probably one I`ll keep if I can`t get the yellow out.

I just can`t enough vintage fabric. Especially cotton. Anyway, today started with a bang or I should say a "hiss and rattle". We were going into our pump house to check the water level in the tank and there was a nice size Mohave Green keeping cool by the water tank. I hate rattlesnakes. He got shoveled out and tossed back in the bushes. They are the deadliest snake in Arizona, but they are here so we use caution every time we step out the door. The one that got in the house a few years ago was a trip! He was next to the dogs water dish. Their bark is different for a snake. I don`t know how long he was in the house. Yuck!

Time for me to go. Off to do chores.
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