Friday, December 12, 2008

Davy Crockett And A Mackinac Bridge Glass

Happy Friday Everyone! We`re off to town again today. This is almost like work because it takes all day to get there, shop and get home. We travel by paved back roads. Doesn`t take any longer, the scenery is better and it is not as hectic as the highway with people going to and leaving `Vegas. I hope to visit a few thrift stores after we pick up groceries.

I`m adding these vintage glasses to my Etsy store.

I was a great fan of Davy Crockett. All the boys had coonskin (rabbit fur) caps and the toy rifle. I recall that Walt Disney was on TV Sunday evenings and I never missed it. Followed the Davy Crockett series faithfully. My favorite episodes were those that included Mike Fink. Very Funny. We had all the Crockett jelly glasses, but over time they disappeared.

I have always like frosted glasses. My grandparents had entire sets and all sizes. Animals, cities, fish patterns. If I had room I`d start collecting them.

Today is Friday Flea Market. You can visit my blog shop, Cate`s Back Porch to see my Flea Market items this week. Don`t forget to scroll down the page to see the rest of the items in this shop.

Bonnie at Calamity Jane`s Cottage is having a Magazine Giveaway. It runs through Christmas. You just have to see these beautiful magazines!

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  1. I just visited your etsy shop and its lovely! I had hoped the Davy Crocket glass was still around but I see someone snatched it up already.



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