Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joshua Tree Seed Pods

Hello Everyone! I have posted several times about Joshua Trees. This link is most relevant to my post today. If you look closely at todays picture of the Joshua flower bud you will see the green seed pod inside. Soon that pod will dry, fall to the ground and open. The seeds will eventually germinate. Birds like to peck the pods while they are still on the tree.

I have lots of new wildflower pictures I wanted to post today but I`d like to do more research so I can give you the right information. Another thing that has me at a bit of a standstill is the death of two friends in three days. My enthusiasm has flown out the window. We have to go grocery shopping today and the diversion will be good. The trip to town is a drive though a wide expanse of desert, all peace and beauty.

I`ll be back tomorrow. Take care everyone.


  1. Bring them on, desert flowers have a beauty all their own!

  2. 1. I'm sorry about your losses. :o(

    2. I love your latest blog header photo.

    3. If I paid postage, would you mail me a Joshua Tree seed pod? I would love to try to grow one in a big pot of sand. I miss the Joshuas so much and am so glad to see them on your blog. They have such personality.

  3. Prayers to you for your loss.....
    Your desert plants are lovely!!

  4. so sorry to hear about your seems to happen in groups, doesn't it? One year, I lost both my step dad and father in law...tough going...
    Joshua trees are so cool....every time we go to the high desert, we enjoy them..

    hope your shopping will be good...

  5. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. Beautiful trees.

  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. It's so awful getting news like that so close together. Hugs.

  7. Love reading about your Joshua Trees Catherine! Loved reading the story about Chloride as well. Sounds like those houses are wonderful (and we are secretly hoping that those home owners would love nothing better than to have their homes on your blog!!) What a lovely tribute to Tex - sounds like he was a wonderful man. We are sorry to hear that you lost another friend as well - wishing you peace & comfort at this difficult time!


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