Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunset And Cactus Pictures

Good Morning All! The first picture is Tuesdays sunset. DH snapped the picture, the scene was too pretty to pass up. The next is a Beavertail Cactus or Opuntia Basilaris. How about those spectacular flowers! If you look closely there are more buds not quite open. The third pic is Desert Paint Brush, the first flowers to show at our elevation, about 3,500 feet. Have you noticed that most desert plants are nestled within other plants. These plants have a symbiotic relationship, providing shade or other type of protection. Each benefits the other.

We`ve had extremely high winds and except for grocery shopping, spent yesterday indoors. Now it is very quiet, but I expect more wind at dawn. There is so much pollen now and I won`t weed or do other yard clean up till the wind is gone. I hope everyone is enjoying their spring weather. My prayers to you who are living in the midwest and south suffering tornados.

Till later,


  1. That is the most gorgeous sunset - what a view to see each evening Cathy! We had a lot of wind a couple of days ago - we're glad that it died down finally.
    Enjoy those sunsets for us!

  2. Thanks. We get beautiful sunsets and usually the best are after rainstorms. Our winds yesterday were close to 50.

  3. Lovely sunset! Your book went out yesterday! :)

  4. Az sunsets are aways so beautiful!

    My husband loves to eat cactus pears..the fruit that grows on the flat leaf cactus.


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