Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cholla Cactus and Desert Asters

Good Morning all. Going to be sunny and warm. The ravens are already perched on the dog run fence waiting for leftovers. I still hear an owl and the doves are cooing. On to the pictures.

Picture number one is a Cholla still waiting to bloom. I think it`s still too cold at night and that delays the bloom. Picture number two is a Desert Aster in full glory after some warm afternoons. The bottom picture is the south end of  Meadview with Lake Mead City to the far right. This is the area we live in. Garnet Mountain is in the background and the Skywalk is miles back in the hills. The road is finally being paved. Not a bad place to live with clean air and the lake just down the road. The foreground with the Joshua Trees is where most of the placer mining took place in the 1930`s. You can see over the years the desert has mostly recovered.

Time to get moving. Wishing you all a great day,

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  1. we were walking yesterday and saw these pretty purple flowers, now I know they're desert to visit your area sometime...we do love the desert


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