Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Snake Encounter

I heard this Mohave Green buzz in the carport as I walked to get in the car. I looked around the first time I went in there there was no buzzing or snake to be seen. Five minutes later I went back, heard him and went to the house to get DH  to help me find him.  The snake was there the first time I walked by. He was just docile. On my second pass he was agitated.  He was under a large piece of aluminum. There are mice and he was looking for a meal. This is Arizona`s deadliest snake and real common here. We are very careful and with this heatwave every shady spot is suspect. My dogs have what I call a snake bark. It`s different from their usual bark. They know a snake is around before they see them.  Our experience with this particular snake over many years has been that they do not always rattle before they strike and they are usually very aggressive.

It``s still very hot and humid. No relief till Thursday. Can`t wait!

Have a great week,


  1. This is not a great plus for wanting to live in the southwest!! We have timber rattlers & copperheads here but it is very rare in my immediate area.
    Very hot here too. Staying in the house with the good ole' AC!!
    Have a Great Day!!

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  3. wow..didn't know they were that common..we have King and Gopher snakes mostly..they are welcome in our garden as we get lots of ground squirrels otherwise.....


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