Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Morning!


I have been asked by several people to keep this blog open and so I shall. I won`t be posting much for a month or so. As I said in the last post I need a break from blogging and it`s a perfect time to catch up with my charity work.

Thank you for your kind thoughts,


  1. Well, that's good news. :o)
    Thanks for listening to the wishes of your public.

  2. Wonderful news, a little is better than nothing at all!

  3. Hi Cathy

    I know how time consuming maintaining a blog and reading and commenting on blogs can be, so I fully understand your dilemma. It's so nice that you do so much charity work.. bless you!

    I do hope you continue to write here from time to time and visit me occasionally! :-)

    ♥ Pat

  4. Good on you for posting a bit. Cathartic, don't ya think? Have a great week.


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