Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning Walk

I had a beautiful walk this morning. Sunny and 40 degrees with a cool breeze. It was early and I was the only one on the road except for the rabbits trying to propagate, if you get my drift. LOL

The picture is Garnet Mountain with the Joshua Tree Forest in the foreground. There is a garnet mine up there, just not sure of the location. Nice view on my Sunday morning trek.

Bless you all and have a wonderful week.

Wow. Just had a small tremor. Would not call it an earthquake but I watched my computer shake and desk items move. Not unusual since we live near a fault, the Grand Wash Fault.


  1. What a relaxing morning walk for you. We are hot here today. My blog widgit is not accurate as it is actually 94.8 as I write this. Yep, the AC is humming away!!
    Watching the Little League World Series & Yankees Game today.
    Have a Peaceful Day!

  2. I forgot about the Little League World Series. I love watching those kids. Maybe I`ll catch the Yankees game too.


  3. Wow, 40 so soon? We've only made it down to 55 so far? I'm wondering what your winter will be like?

  4. It does make you wonder. I`m thinking it will be a colder winter.


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