Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good News For The Border

Ranchers: Beefed-Up Border Security Just A Start. It`s a start though still not nearly enough manpower on the border. The 600 million dollars coming to build the fence is welcome too. I have more faith in the County Sheriffs than I do federal law enforcement and the administration. The people in the Beltway really do not have a clue. They need to look at the border problems through the eyes of the rancher`s and local law enforcement. Mr Obama hasn`t been to the problem areas (or any part)of the Arizona border.



  1. The local authorities are living with it.... the Feds are not capable of "putting themselves in that place". That is evident with the Gulf States post Katrina etc. If it doesn't pad their pockets & resumes they don't care!
    Have a Great Day!

  2. 500 is not enough but you are right, its a start..wish the government supported the American people...sadly, this administration is going sideways....

  3. Marilyn and Dani,

    You are both right! I feel like this country is a real mess. The citizens are forgotten.


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