Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Latest Project and A Giveaway

First we`ll  talk about the Giveaway.  Dani at Eagles Wings is offering wonderful  cookbooks and just the sweetest hand sewn tags I have seen! It is easy to enter and I recommend a visit. She has a fabulous blog too. The Giveaway closes 30 September.

This is a very old dresser scarf and if you look closely you can see that the cotton fabric is falling apart right up to the embroidery. I want to preserve the embroidery for display, frame it perhaps. Would any of my knowledgeable readers have ideas on how to save what is left of the fabric and the embroidery.  It is very fragile, but I don`t want to put it away in a drawer. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I love collecting hand work from long ago.

Thank you,


  1. Hi Catherine, some of the items I inherited from my family, and also from Ken's Mum - were so old, they were starting to disintegrate like your piece here. I bought some stabiliser (used to stabilise fine fabrics such as organza prior to embroidering on them) and ironed it on the back of the damaged linens, to strengthen them. It worked well.


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