Monday, January 31, 2011

Desert Living is Okay! Arizona Pictures.

It`s a bright, sunny day. The morning air smelled like spring. Temps are about 50, lows in the 20`s. To the people in the east and midwest, you have my sympathy. I remember many a blizzard when I couldn`t wait for spring. But never have I experienced the weather you are having. I hope things change quickly.

Below is a picture I took during a walk last week. It`s been warm enough that the lizards are running around. The last few weeks we`ve been working outdoors, it`s been so beautiful.

My son and daughter in law bought 54 acres in northern Arizona and camped there a few days checking out the nooks and crannies of their newly acquired piece of heaven. Here are a few pictures they sent me.

That poor horse looks like he had a rough winter. There was two feet of snow less than a month ago. This is a beautiful area near Williams. Love the antelope. We`re going to camp there in early April weather permitting. I know we will visit this summer enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Till later everyone.



  1. How BEAUTIFUL!!! Expecting more snow here in Middle TN this week! I keep asking My Handyman when we moved to Montana!

  2. Congrats to your kids, what a nice place, love the old building and wildlife! Hunkering down today, waiting on the storm, is it spring yet?LOL

  3. Enjoy some of that warmth for me. I'm sitting here with a thick sweater on and a HOT cup of coffee in my hand while I listen to the ice hit the window outside. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and bringing a little sunshine into this room. :-)

  4. I wanted to let you know that I am currently organizing a Blogger's tea for March 26th. All of the details are on my current blog post.

    Please feel free to grab the button to help spread the word.

    It should be a very fun event and I hope that you can make it.

  5. Hi Cathy! That horse reminds me of the wild horses on Outer Banks!
    Love seeing your blue skys - today we've got some sunshine and it seems like the snow is melting a bit - but no complaints...spring will be here sometime!! ha!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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