Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I`ve Been Playing and A Few More Pictures

Hi everyone. I`ve been enjoying the outdoors. Too nice to stay in the house and blogging was put aside for awhile. It`s almost 70 today. The cactus wrens and sparrows are building new nests in the Joshua tree outside my windows. The cactus wrens redecorate and repair, using the same nests year to year. They were lucky today because I brushed one of the dogs this morning and there was a lot of fur blowing around the yard.

Since there hasn`t been much going on, I posted two more pictures of the son and daughter in law`s new property between Flagstaff and Williams. You can see in the campsite picture they have lots of toys to take them just about anywhere.  The horses are wild in the picture below. You can see the scars from the hard life they lead on the horse in the foreground. It`s a tough existence.

We are going to be busy a couple more days. When I get time to sit again I`ll give you an update on my store and show off a bunch of pretties and projects.

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  1. wow..just beauiful..need to take a visit to Arizona one of these days...forgot how pretty it is...thanks!


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