Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Nice Break and The Last Snow

I took this picture a half hour before sunrise this morning. Rambling through the yard in PJ`s and sneakers in 6 inches of white bliss. I guess this is the last snow, who really knows. We need the moisture, our drought has been so long. The lilacs froze. I shook the snow off, the bush seems to be fine but the lilacs crumbled in my hands. Glad I picked a final bouquet yesterday.

I hear the pettiness in DC was set aside and a shutdown has been avoided for now. Shame on you Mr. Obama for stating you would veto pay for the military had the shutdown prevailed.

I`ve got three projects going. A denim rug, crochet rug, vintage needlework repair for relatives and stocking my store again with new thrifty finds.

Today is my son`s 33rd birthday. Happy Birthday Chris!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi ! !
    We are in line for 75 degree weather on Monday. However we still have some snow where the sun can't reach it.
    I thought Pa. was the most miserable area, weather wise.
    Happy Birthday to your son!!
    Love, Marilyn

  2. As a novice crocheted, I would love to see a pic of your rug. Think I could make one? I have finished granny squares but that is it so far as crocheting goes.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    You could easily make this rug. I`ll post a picture later today.

  4. We were 91 yesterday, 30 degrees above normal!! I miss normal!!

  5. Hey Sue,

    We were barely 40. It was freezing last night. I wonder if there is a normal. Seems to me the spring weather in the high desert has been cooler the last couple of years. Winters slightly warmer.


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