Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Crochet Hat and the usual chat!

Hello! I crocheted this hat for my daughter in law a few days ago. Only took a few hours with tea breaks every now and then. I`m not too happy with the acrylic yarn so I`ve decide to crochet another using a softer yarn, maybe alpaca. I thought I got rid of that yellow cast in the picture! Sorry.

Very cold here. So cold our water pump froze. We had the foresight to fill two stockpots with drinking water and filled water bottles for the toilets. We wrapped the pump in more insulation and kept a light on in the pump house. That did the trick the last two nights. It would be nice to reach 50 degrees today.

I`m trying to make all my Christmas gifts this year. Produce bags and shopping bags sewn in bright fabrics are part of the plan. And candles for candle loving friends.

Thank you for visiting and stay warm!


  1. I am doing something similar..crocheted a hat yesterday but its too small so will have to take part of it apart and increase it.....yours is a pretty color...I used some Homespun yarn by Lion that is self striping...

  2. Hi Dani,

    I`d forgotten about the Homespun. I like Lionbrand yarns.That`s a great idea. I`ll pick some up today. Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. Hope it's warmed up a bit for you Catherine! Boy would we love to knit....what a great idea to make all your gifts this year :) We've got some projects on the back burner (button bracelets) but I think it's time we moved them up front!!
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Frozen pipes: I remember that happening as a kid when we lived on a farm in Texas, and what a hassle it was for my mom with three kids and an underinsulated house. On a better note, the hat is sweet and your DIL will love it!

    Making Christmas bags is such a good idea! Need to remember that for NEXT year for gifts. Blessings to you, Nancy

  5. Thanks for the nice comment Nancy. Our water pump is in an outside building with our water storage tank. The water is pumped into the house and once in a while the pipe to the house freezes too. It has to get to 10 below or so for that to happen and it can be a LONG wait for water. We keep bottled water on hand just in case that happens. Merry Christmas!


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