Sunday, December 4, 2011

Arizona Snow Pictures and A Bit Of Chat!

Morning! Christmas sure is coming fast isn`t it? These snow pictures were taken after the storm Friday night and Saturday morning. We needed the rain and the snow lasted long enough to give the trees a good soaking.

Garnet Mountain. The garnet mine is on the back side.

The main road to my house. Lost Basin mining area a few miles away in the background.

My driveway with Desert Willow on the left.

My  rosemary plant. Twenty years and going strong.

About the rosemary. It was one of three plants and this is the hardy survivor. Twenty two years of enjoyment. I brush by it every day so I can enjoy the fragrance. It sits in the front yard where years ago I had my vegetable garden.  My husband wants me to dig it up and put it to rest. Never!

Do you want to advance your hand embroidery skills or are you new to embroidery? If so, maybe you`d like to join me in the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge 2012 or TAST 2012. Sponsored by Sharonb at Pin Tangle. I expect this to be fun and you are able to see how others are doing too!

I`ve been crocheting hats, one pattern, different yarns. Pictures by Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Can't believe you have had that rosemary bush for 20 years!! I love its smell. I'm trying to save our little plant this winter (in a pot in the garage), so we'll see if this works. Yes, love that fragrance. And the hubby uses it in his chicken recipes sometimes.

  2. I love rosemary too so don't let your hubby anywhere near it!! Didn't know that lived that long, good to know!! Love the snow shots, were still waiting for some here!

  3. The rabbits have nibbled at it, but they don`t care much for the taste. I let the soil dry out between watering in the summer and once in a while apply Miracle-Gro. A neighbor had beautiful rosemary plants and all he did was water it. No fertilizer at all. Hard to believe it`s been 20 years.

  4. Beautiful photos....I sure do love the desert..every time of year is something special....envy your rosemary plant....I tried to grow some here but no luck....must be the soil perhaps?

  5. Hi Dani,

    The desert soil here has very few if any nutrients and it`s alkaline. Some years ago while planting I used a soil amendment, but I don`t remember what. We have lots of caliche, a hard pan. I am careful to avoid the hard pan (not easy)giving the roots somewhere to go. I mulch in the summer with pine needles. In the spring I sometimes use Miracle Gro. Have a nice day Dani!


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