Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My New Vintage Tupperware

Hello! It`s been windy and cold and I`ve had an earache and sinus congestion the last couple of days. So I`ve been slowed down a bit. However I had a nice surprise this morning. The husband went to the neighbor`s and brought back many, many pieces of vintage Tupperware. Now that was enough to get me out of bed! The picture shows everything still in boxes. When I get it sorted and clean I will take more pictures. There is also a quilt made from knit fabrics, first one of those I`ve had. It is sturdy and nicely done. And please notice the tan and red box laying on top. It is a nearly full box of Tite Locker Wrap, as in freezer wrap, with the International Harvester logo. It looks to be about 50 years old. They call it Glassine Kraft Laminated. It`s in great shape.

Vintage Tupperware and Quilt

The fog creeping across Garnet Mountain at yesterday`s dawn.

The crest of Pearce Ferry Road as the fog glided towards Lake Mead. This is the road to the Skywalk turn-off.

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it. Going to make homemade pizza crust and homemade sauce now.


  1. So sorry your not feeling good!! I just love the old vintage Tupperware. Sure wish I had kept the stuff I had.
    Cold here..... very cold!! Got the generator all wired in today. Thank goodness for an electrician brother!!
    Take Care.... Marilyn

  2. Your vintage Tupperware looks like what I am still using! I had to laugh; it just never wears out, like polyester!

  3. Yes Nancy, I already had some of that "vintage" Tupperware. When I think back to all those parties! I had a good too laugh seeing all that stuff in the box. I hope I last as long as polyester! HA!

  4. I loved my Tupperware to death. I've had all of it about 35 years. It is cracking and looking sad. I've gone to parties to get replacement parts (lids, what have you) and you can't get them replaced since they don't make the same pieces forever. They replace it with a piece that is similar in size. That always ruins the set. So, this last Christmas I got rid of my old, sad, cracked Tupperware and bought a large set of Rubbermaid! Good bye, dear plastic friends.

    Enjoy your new finds!

  5. I am replacing with Rubbermaid too! Most of what my neighbor gave me was her mother`s and lots of it is in very good shape. There were 50 or more of those old clear lids in all sizes which I had to toss. I used some containers in my sewing room. There were a few newer canisters.

    Nice to hear from you Brenda.


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