Monday, February 27, 2012

Joshua Trees and a Sewing Project

Hello everyone. It`s been a busy month. My son is recovering nicely.  Thank you for your good wishes and prayers.  $53,000 just for the spare parts on his spine. Glad he has good insurance. I`ve been working in the yard trying to keep the new weeds at bay. It is a never ending project. This year it is wild mustard again. The desert marigolds are coming up too. Not complaining because I really enjoy being outside. The Joshua trees have a good crop of buds. When the buds open and flower, black seeds are available for birds and other critters . The birds love them. The Joshua Tree is a member of the lily family. After living here twenty years I am allergic to the flowers. Oh well.

Four buds of various sizes in the center of the Joshua

A closed bud. The branch is resting on the ground.

This is a market bag I`ve nearly finished. It is made with a vintage style print upholstery fabric. The straps are pinned in place and it sure needs to be pressed! The fabric was in a box of sewing notions and fabric a neighbor passed on to me. The kindness of neighbors. I love it.

My nearly finished  market bag.
That`s about it for now. All is well. Wish gas wasn`t  $4.00/Gal. We may get snow tonight. Only a dusting. Right now the wind gusts are about 40. Temp in the high 50`s. Bless you all,



  1. Glad your son is recovering nicely; spare parts are expensive, eh?

    I like your antelope header picture. Seems you can look right into their eyes.

    That bag is darling. Can't ever have too many!

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  3. I loved the lesson on Joshua Trees. (My son is Joshua...) I would love to see them bloom.

    I was hoping to see some stitching...but I like your shopping bag. The vintage florals ring my bell. Yes, indeed, it is a blessing having neighbors who pass things on to you. oxo Judy


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