Friday, February 10, 2012

A Day In The Desert

I chose today to finally relax. What a week! We were metal detecting for nuggets this morning. Got lots of exercise! When my arm was tired from swinging the detector I picked up a camera and took these pictures of a couple of barrel cactus. The desert is getting green already. New life.

Barrel Cactus hiding beneath a bush.  Desert plants have a symbiotic relationship with plants around them.

A cluster of  Barrels. My favorite kind. They will likely flower in less than a month.

The other side of the cluster making a total of five Barrels. More pics coming when they flower.
This was a wonderful day. Had lunch in the fresh air. About 70 with a light breeze. It was great! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful pictures. We are cold again here. Had a dusting of snow last night. Tonight the temps will get down to single digits.. Burrrrrr.. I sure will be glad when Spring arrives!
    Take Care ..... Marilyn

  2. I love barrell cactus. Years ago I had several. How nice to live where they grow...naturally and in their finest glory. Beautiful photos, Catherine. oxo Judy

  3. Nice photos.....I love the desert too....clear skies, no pollution, and lovely open views..the desert flowers are wonderful in the spring....

  4. Are you still doing TAST? I can't find you!


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