Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark

Today`s header is a picture of our Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark. This is one of the largest and finest Joshua Tree forests in the world. I pass it every time I walk as it is right up the road. You can almost see the road to Grand Canyon Skywalk. It is the very thin brown line near the center of the picture. Partly paved, mostly dirt. 

We live in Meadview Az. This is a nice link.  
Meadview is a small town. One gas station, a small post office, one store (groceries and gas) and a fire station. Many of the town folk leave for cooler climates in the summer and come back during winter when it is usually a bit warmer. We usually get a little snow. Our roads are dirt, the main roads are paved. It`s an interesting place. If you want to do serious grocery shopping or need a doctor etc the drive is 60 miles one way to Kingman. We usually take the time for lunch before we head home.

Storm cloud 25 August 2012
This is a cloud coming towards us as it moves across the Hualapai Reservation, home of the Skywalk. If you click the picture you get a better perspective of the size. This was HUGE. The Indians and Kingman got soaked and there was flash flooding. We got wind, dust and a few rain drops. At least our power didn`t go out. It moved behind the cliffs following the Colorado River. If you haven`t been on the river, it`s a nice trip.

That`s about it for today. Woke up with a virus of some kind. I planned to sew today, that`s going to have to wait. If you are interested in Blog Hops there are a couple of links in my sidebar and still time to join some. If you want you can view great  pictures as the Hops progress. I just love`m!

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    I hope you are feeling better tonight. Virus' are no fun~
    Your cloud is beautiful again! Wow..the country there is so beautiful, but I bet you do get some storms that are interesting! We will be getting some of Hurricane Isaac' rain which will be welcomed...as long as no high winds! Hope you are better~ ♥

    1. I am feeling better. Glad you are getting some rain. Take care.

  2. You live in a beautiful area, Catherine! I've visited both Kingman and the Joshua Tree National Park on a car trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas. It was a beautiful drive! The Hoover Dam was also so interesting to see.

  3. Another beautiful cloud picture.

    Hope you are feeling better today and can get to your sewing. !

  4. Your photos are always stunning - combination of great scenery and an expensive camera, right? LOL!
    Hope you are over the virus; Ken and I have also fallen victim to a flu virus recently, but while I got over it quickly, Ken wasn't so fortunate, and had a spell in hospital as a result :-(


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