Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birthday Tote Bag

My daughter in law`s birthday present. These cotton fabrics were in my stash I don`t know the pattern names. I made the straps to match the lining to brighten up the bag. I know she likes blue, don`t really know about  bright floral lining. We`ll see. I hung the bag on a Joshua Tree for shade and to keep it out of the wind. My DIL is a sweetheart!

I should have added pockets but everything was going so well I decided to leave it alone.

Cold last night, but great today. My son has the bone growth stimulator now. The device is the size of a cell phone and he can wear it as much as he wants, total time two to three months . The factory rep brought it buy the house and said they`ve had great success with it. Maybe now he can avoid another surgery.

I`m going to do a little more house cleaning then start piecing a quilt and cover a few pillows.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Gorgeous bags! Love the inner linings, too. Your DIL will LOVE it!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I like bold floral prints and red is a favorite color. Have you had snow yet?

  2. Just LOVE the bag!! The floral liner is so pretty!!
    Great Job .....
    So Happy to hear of your sons progress!


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