Friday, December 7, 2012

Giveaway Pictures

Pictures of my Holiday Lane Giveaway win at Stitchin By The Lake, the wonderful Marlene`s blog. I hope you visit Marlene soon. She`s a great lady and a fabulous member of our blogging community!

Aren`t they beautiful? The Moda Charm Pack Is Blitzen. Isn`t it wonderful?

I hate to type and run, but I must go. I need to finish that gift for my DIL. I am so glad I came back to sewing and quilting. It gives me a lot of pleasure. Me and my dog sharing the bliss in my sewing room!

Till later,

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  1. Have a grand Sunday. And congratulations on your win! Blitzen is, indeed, beautiful. as is the gift tote. Not many bloggers can use a Joshua Tree for a holder. lol


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