Saturday, January 19, 2013

A New Blog Hop and A Few Bullish Visitors!

A New Blog Hop Is Coming!

Hugs and Kisses

Our Hoppers will be incorporating Hearts in our sewing projects. A lovely thought. Lots of  red and pink hearts, a bit of lace perhaps? I have two projects in mind. I hope to start them today!

Well, looks like Diamond Bar aka Grand Canyon Ranch has had a few cows fly the coop. They are looking for water and we gently scooted them off the acreage. They move slowly, but they move. They tore up hubby`s mining equipment two days ago because there was a stock tank full of water, albeit frozen, under a recirculator. No cowboys have made an appearance yet, so I will make a few calls today. My neighbor called a few days ago, but no help has arrived. These aren`t range cattle. They run around at the ranch to keep the dudes happy experiencing a bit of the old west. There were 20 plus cows here day before yesterday. I just want them off the roads and safe.

The bottom picture is dark. I apologize. Just the late afternoon lack of light. This is where they were getting a drink. There were a lot of bulls and I don`t advise you to walk behind them or near them as they are unpredictable. We`re used to them being around. Fence off what you don`t want them to eat. My neighbors were assisting me in moving the cows.

No sewing pictures today. Our water was frozen for three days. I was not in the mood to sew. I wanted a shower!! Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it.


  1. it doesn't look like it would be that cold for the water to freeze. lol too funny, free roaming cows on the property and they aren't yours.

  2. We saw some "wild" in Yosemite NP when we visited it a few years ago. I'm sure they belonged to a farm somewhere nearby, but they had gone off on their own. I always wondered how they were able to exist so close to bear territory!

    Thanks for your well wishes o our move to Colorado! We love it here!

  3. Boy..... I thought deer were a pain in the patootie ! ! We had ice storm today. DH home safe ! ! Now it will get into the 50's by Wed. Ya, know.... weather in the northeast. LOL!!!


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