Friday, February 1, 2013

I Need To Plan My Days!

I know, that`s an odd title for a blog post. I knew some plans were not going to come together yesterday. The picture below shows my best intentions and that`s as far as it went.

Upper left hand corner. Half the ingredients for dog cookies made it to the table. Whole wheat flour, corn meal, soy flour and molasses. The measuring cup contains camomile tea, one thing I did follow through on. The tea is for kitty`s irritated eye and puppy`s sore tail where he was bitten by a neighbor`s dog. The quilt blocks were supposed to be cut to start  a small disappearing nine patch quilt. The blocks were gifted to me a few years ago! Dare I admit that? Why a day of no accomplishment? A half day spent in town shopping and later in the day, the KIRBY!!!

This is a workout and it does a great job. I have to be in the right mood to drag this puppy around the house and I make the most of it. I was tired when I finished but I won`t have to clean tomorrow. We live on a dirt road and there is constant dust. I am disappointed this vacuum is no longer made in the states. There`s more plastic than metal. 

This picture shows thick ice we dug out of our prospecting equipment last week. This is the machine that washes the dirt leaving the heavy gold behind at the top the sluice (the long narrow box) It was under 20 degrees at night. Today we are over 60 degrees and will be all week, yea!

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it. Next post there will be sewing pictures, I promise!


  1. Oh My, is this set up on your own property? I always wanted to go "prospecting" for gold. I love rock collecting and I love the hunt. Do you find a lot of gold? Please tell me more.

  2. I have my mother's Kirby but had to convert it to a bag inside the cloth bag. I call our house a dust farm because we live on the street and the wind blows right into our front doors and windows. What a drag housekeeping is in most months.

    I love your gold set up. We are rockhounds and our local rockhound clubs still go out and prospect. I've posted a lot of our pictures of rock hounding and have one of DH using a dry washer out by the potholes near the Yuma.

  3. Hi Cathy, just dropping in to see what you're up to. Great photos of course - I expect nothing less from you, lol! Know the feeling about planning your day. I try to plan my WEEKS, and that is even worse. I write in my desk diary what I want to do each day (shopping, coffee with friends, washing, ironing, etc.) and any leftover time is craft time. Leftover time? What is that??


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