Sunday, January 28, 2007

Table Runner c.1900 Coronation Cord

I found the most delightful Linen Table Runner circa 1900. The embroidered thistles were stitched by a very skillful embroidress. The crowning glory on this antique piece is the Coronation Cord Trim. It is hand stitched to the runner and is finished with crochet.

Coronation Cord was manufactured by the Columbia and Bear thread companies from 1875 till 1920 or so. It was sold by the yard and fell in disfavor about 1926. This lovely cord was used with Tatting, Crochet and Embroidery. It can be found as trim on towels and table linens.

I reluctantly sold this piece. It went to someone who appreciates works of art like this.

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  1. Hello Cathy,
    I found your simple but, beautiful embroidery on Google images, and it reminded me of Arizona, I always would see those flowers out there and I found the same flowers here in the country of Orlando. I could not ever figure out how to stich it and you help me. Thank you.
    The photo that you chose of the view it made me home sick, and I mean this in a good way, I lived in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley for 15 years, but what I loved the most it was going to the family Cabin in Payson. Now my new home is in Orlando Florida, I like too… but there nothing like the desert for sure and miss the amazing mounting.
    Thank you;)

    1. Thank you for commenting. The header view is the Arizona side of Lake Mead. The creosote bushes were blooming. We are usually about 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix. I`ve been to Florida. It`s a beautiful state. I miss the smell of sea air.


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