Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Icky Sticky Weather and A Marine Hero

Good Morning from a muggy desert. Our humidity usually doesn`t get much over 10%. There were lots of clouds and then there`s the storm moving into northern Mexico bringing more clouds and moisture our way and a hurricane to the Gulf.  I hope that changes. The folks in the Gulf don`t need more problems. Don`t know how humid it was yesterday, but I felt much like the people in the picture below

I am sharing a link from the latest Soldiers Angels newsletter. This is a heartwarming article about a selfless Marine Hero supporting Wounded Marine Heroes. Yes, all our soldiers are heroes. I hope you take a few minutes to learn  more about Standing For The Fallen.

I am praying you are having a fine day. If you are traveling watch out for the other guy on the road!



  1. You Americans are wonderful, the way you support your soldiers. I don't know if anything similar exists here for Aussie soldiers - probably not because we don't have as many fighting overseas as the USA does, and although there have been Aussie casualties, they are nowhere near the number that the USA have lost.
    I've thought of volunteering to write letters to an American, but I don't suppose it would mean as much to them, coming from someone in another country.

  2. Thanks for the links Cathy - what an inspiring story to read about...especially with the 4th being here soon!
    (love your painting as well...impressionism is our favorite!!)

  3. Hi Cathy

    You are alwasy so creative with your blog! I like all the columns you have and your collage header photo,

    I hope you have a happy 4th of July! I'm going to check the link for the wounded Marines next, God bless their hearts!
    ♥ Pat

  4. A Happy Fourth to you as well Pat. I`ve been a member of Soldiers Angels for a few years now. All the soldiers I`ve "met" are just wonderful.


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