Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage Cardigan Sweaters

Good Morning! Wow, it is cool this morning! I let the dogs out and was greeted by a surprising chill. It`s in the mid fifties. Very unusual.

The woman in the picture below is a vision of serenity. Modest and beautiful. I noticed she is wearing a cardigan sweater, something you don`t see often today.

My sweaters were pastel pinks and blues with shell or  pearl buttons. In the 50`s and early 60`s the "big girls" in high school wore their cardigans backwards, buttoned up the back. Some were embroidered (the sweaters, not the girls), others were decorated with rhinestones or pearls. Sweater guards kept your sweater secure if you draped your sweater across the shoulders. Click this link to see gorgeous vintage sweaters at Lulu`s Vintage.

Lastly, this is acreage in the area of the wildfire near Williams. The kids just bought it and I hope it still looks this way. Families were evacuated yesterday. It`s dry and windy here in northern Arizona and fire spreads very fast.

Till later,


  1. Hey, you have our weather, and we must have yours, send it back, ok. I miss normal!!

  2. I still wear cardigan sweaters!
    :-) I do remember the little clip on chain to wear the sweater as a little cape. Women were so dainty back in the day.

    Hope you get soem well needed rain very soon!


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