Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Old Christmas Parade and Wanamaker`s Pipe Organ

Isn`t this a beautiful sunrise? What a splendid gift from God! Clicking the picture will enlarge it.
It`s just slightly less than a week that we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. My son and daughter in law will be arriving the day before. They are cooking the bird and other main dishes, husband and I are in charge of pies and the cornbread dressing. I`ll be watching the Macy`s Parade as I run about the house. When I was young and a resident of Philadelphia, Gimbels Department Store put on our parade bringing their Santa into town. However, Santa was also holding court in Wanamaker`s (now Macy`s) the gem of stores in Philly. In my mind anyway. I really hope you take a look at the link. It is fascinating!

This week I`m sewing new curtains for the kitchen, finishing a crochet table runner and making up "new" towels from a vintage linen table cloth.

Looks like rain today. Still like Spring but supposed to get colder tomorrow. A snowy Thanksgiving is not unusual here.

Bye for now. May you all have a glorious sunrise in your day.


  1. Nice to see you post again, and what a awesome shot! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Let's really hear that amazing organ! Must be something to listen to.

  3. Just beautiful..I love Joshua trees....and what a sunset!


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