Friday, May 18, 2012

Wind,Fire and Flowers

Wildflowers and sage on Pearce Ferry Road near Meadview AZ.
Good Morning!

I`ve been away from the blogs due to a middle ear infection. It is much better now and I am happy to be back. Still very windy but not as bad as yesterday. We will be cooler for a day or two then the hot temperatures will return next Monday. I`m still clearing brush and weeds from the yard. Rain would be a nice change. There was snow melt this spring bringing the lake level up and I hear the fishing is better. There is another fishing tournament  June 2 and 3. I am referring to Lake Mead, created by the building of Hoover Dam in the 1930`s. There is nothing better than living in high country as far as we are concerned, but the desert does take hold of you when you give it a chance. And Lake Mead is beautiful. And HOT.

I`m working on my block for the July 1 Blog Hop noted in the sidebar. Haven`t had much time at the machine. Didn`t want to be sewing fingers to the block when I was in the worst of that ear problem. A note about the picture above. I was crazy to get out of the car to take that photo. Skywalk tourists were flying up and down the road. Those people don`t slow down for a bull that weighs half a ton so a little old lady would be but a speck on the windshield.

Have to get back to the housework and outside jobs. My prayers go to the families affected by the our Arizona fires. I met very nice people from Crown King a long time ago.

Have a great weekend. Be back Monday!


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  1. Oh Cathy, Ken had a middle ear infection once, and he said it was one of the worst things he'd ever experienced, feeling giddy and weird all the time. Glad you are okay now.
    I haven't heard about any fires over there recently. There is always damage and tragedy with fires; I do hope it wasn't too bad this time.


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