Monday, April 22, 2013

Shake Your Pom Poms!

Shake Your Pom Poms, the next blog hop starts this week, Wednesday 24 April.  My day is the 30th. I can`t wait to see the other participants pom pom creations. I`m just about finished with my projects. When I was young  pom poms were a big part of home decor.

Madame Samm is again the creator of our blog hop and Thearica from Pigtales and Quilts is our fabulous cheerleader. Can`t go wrong with these ladies.

I have a few wildflower pictures I took in our front yard to show you.

Desert Poppies

My View While Having My Morning Tea

Desert Poppies and Desert Mallow Along Our Rock Wall

My Prayers go out to those in the Mississippi flood zones and other areas suffering natural disasters here and in China.


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  1. Just wanted you to know that your comment the other day on the disaster in China prompted me to look it up and read about the earthquake. We often forget what is happening outside our own little realms. Prayers for all our tragedies this month in the US and elsewhere...


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