Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vintage Handkerchiefs and Four O`Clocks

I hope you are having as nice a Spring day as I am. 80 today, a bit windy but that stops about 9 A:M. The flowers are Four O`Clocks. They are usually closed during the day. I was very happy to find this bunch still wide awake!

Pictured below is part of my Vintage Handkerchief Collection. In the 1950`s and earlier ladies always had a hanky in their handbag. Gloves and hankies finished your outfit.

The pale pink hanky is cotton and linen. Notice the applique and drawnwork in the corners and hand rolled hems. The small white cotton example has cross stitch flowers in one corner and a pretty embroidered nylon trim. Then we have a sheer hanky with daffodil bouquets and scalloped, rolled hems. The next sheer hanky is decorated with flocked daisies and also has a scalloped and rolled hem. The only hanky that is used is the small white one. I plan to frame a few of these.

Wishing everyone a great day,


  1. Hard to imagine blowing one's nose on such a pretty thing. :) Of course, a lady's nose never runs. She merely uses it to wave daintily around for emphasis, or to drop "accidentally" as a lure to snare unwary gentlemen. Right?

  2. She uses the hankie. She doesn't wave her nose around. I hate pronouns. :)

  3. I remember dressing up as a little girl, we always had a pretty dress, hat, gloves, purse and of course, a nice hanky...just to go downtown to shop...Mama and I took the bus, as we only had one car that Dad had for work...those were the days...happy days...we usually had a ice cream float or soda at the drug store...too before we went home...

  4. Dani, it was the same in our home. We dressed nicely right down to shoes and matching purses and we always had lunch at the Horn and Hardart Automat (cafeteria)in Philadelphia. If we were in John Wanamaker`s Department Store we ate in the posh restuarant uptairs. That`s when people had table manners. LOL

  5. I forgot to add that we rode the trolley cars to go shopping. My grandfather used the car for work.

  6. I absolutely adore vintage hankies. I have 1 that was my grandmothers & I treasure it. She used to carry it in her purse & for years it smelled just like her perfume of Emeraude.
    I also buy reproduction hankies to use in crafts as I just don't have the heart to cut up the vintage ones......
    Have a Great Day!!


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