Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Stone Cabin

This wonderful miner`s stone cabin sits on private property in the mining district near our home. I don`t know how old it is. I do know it was occupied in the 1950`s and 60`s by a fellow who made a great  Drywasher. Las Vegas friends of ours visited him in the 1960`s to buy this type of equipment. We are lucky to have the plans and made a few of these machines for our use.  Built with native rock including white and iron stained quartz and chrysacolla ( a copper ore), it`s quite a place . The roof was wood and sheet metal most of which has blown off and lies nearby. A stove pipe ran inside across the length of the building from front to back. You can see the holes in the front and back walls. The original green paint is still on the doorway. A bit of shabby screen still clings to one window. It`s a tiny place with a concrete floor. There are a couple of shelves on the walls. Other folks have recently lived in the cabin for weeks or months at a time. The last I know of  is about ten years ago. It is very quiet and peaceful there. Pictures enlarge when clicked.

Have a fabulous Mother`s Day and a wonderful weekend. When the snake moves out of the cabin I will take more pictures! LOL


  1. What a great old stone cabin!! Can't you just imagine the history there?!

  2. I think the cabin is amazing. The stonework is beautiful!! Too bad mother-nature is taking a toll on it but that is just the way with things........
    Snakes??? Yikes..... I could get used to living in a desert if it weren't for the snakes & all the creepy-crawlies!! LOL!!
    Happy Mother's Day my Sweet Friend!!

  3. This just makes my heart sing!

  4. yikes! snakes would not be anything we'd want to see....but we can't wait to check out that inside....when they are gone!
    It looks darling!


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