Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vintage Glass Links

Hello everyone!

I was researching Quaker Oats Crystal Wedding Oats and Fire Kings Jadeite Alice. Alice cups and saucers were Crystal Wedding Oats giveaways. In the process I found a great site, The Hard To Find Grocer. Wow! They have groceries I haven`t seen in the west. I was the so called kid in a candy shop. Anyway, today you can buy the Wedding Oats and get free plastic tumblers! Maybe I am easily impressed.

The next site is fabulous if you are researching Indiana Glass. This is the most complete Indiana Glass site I have found to date. Color pictures and very easy to navigate. I was researching Amber Glass at the time. And I adore Sparkle Plenty. This is where I go to research Fire King. Easy to navigate and great pictures.

I`ve had this Amber Candy Dish for some time.

Amber Glass is so cool. This lovely is going in my shop Cate`s Back Porch.

The next item is so darn cute. I paid about a dime for it.

It`s a Dee Bee Original Chalkware Siamese Cat. The colors are so realistic and he looks like he`s ready to pounce. He`s in very good condition. This figurine is in my Etsy shop, CrochetBee. I have the mate but he is a little chipped and not for sale. I put him outside under a lilac bush and it scared the beegeebers out of my big old lab. I know, beegeebers is not a word!

That`s about all for today. I did mail letters to some great deployed soldiers this morning. I love hearing from them. Makes my day. I would like to be on the Soldiers Angels Baking Team but I am not a talented baker. The young men and women overseas love home baked goodies. The women and I guess a few men bake cookies and cakes and manage to get them over there in one piece. I may still give it a go. I`m also looking into the Chaplains Support Team. Soldiers Angels is my other part time job. LOL

Have a good day,
Till later,


  1. Hi Cathy,
    I'm so glad you joined the handmade PIF. I still can't promise when it will be sent to you or what but I'll let you know when it's on the way.
    I can just see your lab getting the beegeebers scared out of him.

  2. I love the grocery store link...especially the candy store part. I can't believe how many candy cigarettes we used to have! I love Teaberry gum...hardy ever see it for sale. I should order me some:) Thanks!

  3. Very nice blog and thanks for following mine. I thought it was so nice that you write letters to the soldiers. I will have to look at that site when I get home from work. Thanks for sharing!


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