Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Crib Quilt No. 2

Hello everyone! I bought this crib quilt at the same garage sale I picked up the Red Work Quilt in yesterdays post. I know it was hard for this fellow to part with the quilt. I`m sure there is a name to the pattern, but I don`t know what it is. You can see the fabric is very thin in some places and faded. It looks like most of the material is recycled shirts and dresses. Hand quilted with love. I rolled it up and put it in my linen closet till today. The value to me is I know the family and the history of the quilt. Sometimes I think I am just too sentimental.

Can you imagine the stories my quaint little quilts could tell?

If you have some time I think you might enjoy a visit to my friend Nancy`s Blog. She has extremely beautiful posts about using vintage embroidery to enhance our wardrobe`s. Well worth a visit!

Thank you for visiting. It`s been a pleasure!


  1. Beautiful vintage quilt!!

  2. Wow, I never find some treasures at yard sales?


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