Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vintage Embroidered Redwork Quilt

These are pictures of a beautiful vintage redwork crib quilt I bought at a garage sale some time ago. The red embroidery threads and the binding have faded from 70 plus years of washing. The hand quilting is perfection. The gentleman I purchased this from was a personal friend and he told me he rocked his babies to sleep in this little blanket.

When I find a quilt like this I don`t mind a little damage. I won`t be washing it, just admiring and picturing babies cuddled in it`s warmth. If you want to know more about Redwork go HERE. I think it`s a pretty impressive web page.

Well, we got rain. Lots of lightening and thunder booming. My tomatoes loved it and so did we `cause we were standing in the wet taking pictures. I went into the house when the lightening got too close, but it was great!!

Usually those clouds with downpours miss our house. Today we got lucky.

Thank you for your visit.


  1. OMGoodness.... You certainly have a treasure in that little quilt. It has history & just the mere fact that it is Redwork makes it even more valuable. It is lovely!!
    Great post... I really enjoyed it!!

  2. I loved the thunderstorms when I lived in Colorado. So exciting.

    Beautiful quilt!

  3. What a gorgeous little gem of a quilt! I bought one a few years ago, not at all as cute as yours. I bought a blue and white applique last year, will have to post a pic of it soon. it's very unusual for a baby quilt.
    Dh and I lived in Marana, northern Tucson and loved the monsoons and the desert. We sure miss them. Thanks for visiting my page, please come back soon! Elaine from Texas


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