Thursday, May 20, 2010

And This Is What`s On My Mind Today.

Yep. Lots of folks hold off blogging about touchy subjects. We don`t want to offend anyone or goodness forbid, lose a couple of followers. But how ridiculous is it that we may have something on our minds and are hesitant to speak out. Yes, we come to the blogs to get away from the everyday noise, the mundane and to chat with our wonderful blog friends and I do have some great friends here. But this issue is important to me and here we go.

I read this article this morning. 16 Illegals Sue Arizona Rancher

How ridiculous is this? And as a side note, the president of Mexico needs to get his act together on his southern border. He`s in no position to criticize Arizona about human or civil rights.

I support SB1070. Gov. Jan Brewer did what previous administrations and the current administration will not do and that is enforce the Federal Immigration laws already on the books. Read the bill. There is more to it than the media sound bites. The cultural diversity in America makes this a wonderful country. It`s about doing things the right way, legally. I stand with my home state of Arizona.

I `m starting another blog to keep my other endeavors separate from this blog. I will address the very important issues of a healthy food supply, Big Pharma, the FDA and our right to have access to vitamins and other supplements.



  1. OMG...How assinine!! My husband, a truck driver, sees many illegals driving truck & he knows they are illegal because the brag about it in truck stops & on the CB radio.
    We have many stone quarries in Pa. as I am sure you know & they are chiefly worked by illegals. We know some of the owners & they just smirk when asked about their workers papers.
    It is a bad situation....In the case of the Arizona rancher......I think the judicial system needs to be taken to task NOW!!
    Love Ya'.....

  2. The term "illegal aliens" says it all to me! I'm all for the right of foreign nationals to enter our country LEGALLY.
    What ever happened to a land owner being able to defend his property?! I thought trespassing was illegal. And so is damaging anothers property. The US has allowed this to go on far too long. I've got lots of other opinions on the subject, but I'll leave it at that.

  3. In total agreement with you, Cathy. You go, girl, with that new blog!

  4. Cate, it's your blog and you can speak your mind anytime! I totally support your way of thinking, this has gone on way too long! You rock!

  5. Thanks for the support ladies! It`s not a new problem and it`s time the people we vote into office step up to the job they were elected to do.

  6. I am 100% behind Arizona!!! The illegals are ILLEGAL!!!! You are only welcome if you come here the right way!!!! Thanks for speaking up, Catherine and Arizona!!!

  7. I'm sooo with you. Being from Oklahoma there is LOTS of dialog about this issue.

    Thanks for speaking up!


  8. Woo hoo - ditto to all the other comments!! We have a similar problem in Australia, with illegals arriving in boats. Some of them pay enormous amounts to people smugglers in Indonesia and other third world countries, who promise them they will be allowed to stay here once they get here. Some of them do if they can prove they are genuine asylum seekers, but the rest are put in detention centres to rot...sad, but these days, how can you tell who is a budding terrorist among them?


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