Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Someone Your Own Age

A friend visited for an hour yesterday. She moved from our Southwest to the east coast to live with a granddaughter, having her own apartment in the house. This lady is in her mid seventies, very sharp and active. After three years most folks, even relatives get on each others nerves. Granddaughter told grandmother she needed to spend time with "people her own age".  I see that as stereotyping. To some, if you are a senior you are rapidly going to hell in a hand basket. My friend is more "alive" in her seventies than some people in their 40`s or 50`s. I`m a month shy of 62 and I seek out vibrant new friends no matter their age. One  friend is 90 and active in civics and charity's, always taking on new challenges. Another of my friends is Native American, a shaman,  teaching me more about herbs, natural healing, quilting and needle arts.  I thrive on fresh ideas no matter the age of the person. Too bad that gray hair makes some people think we don`t have brains and we shuffle about our little homes watching soap operas glued in a rocking chair.

I like me. I like who I have become. I enjoy my adult children. I love to learn, grow and try new things. I have that sense of self that only maturity brings.  My friend is now seeking volunteer opportunities. She and her granddaughter just needed to talk and all is well. Thank you for visiting,


  1. What a great post Catherine! I too feel age is not what makes a person whole or interesting. I have friends of many ages!!

  2. I too have friends of many ages, some in their 20's and 30's and some older than myself (I'm 53). My MIL, who is 79, is one of my best friends and she can run the pants off of me! I've never seen a woman with more energy. Glad your friend and her granddaughter were able to talk this through.

  3. Hi Marilyn and Kathy,

    I like a variety of friends too. Different ages make it all a marvelous blend.

  4. I agree, and blending the ages can only benefit us!


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