Thursday, July 12, 2012

About That Header and More Pictures

Hello and welcome! Thank you Red, White and Blue Blog Hopper`s for your kind words about my blocks this week. The pictures are in the previous post. There are many more blocks to see, just click the RWB link in my sidebar. There is a Master Schedule at that link  so you can see all the blocks already displayed by these creative people.

I have had lots of questions about this picture that was my header for a few weeks. This is a one room building dug into the ground.  It is well built. The front door is on the left. There is a small screen above the door that is the width of the door. The back wall is to the right and we could see there had been a stove there. Those tall posts on the side are part of a wall. The walls are cedar which lasts a very long time and they are still holding back the dirt. This building was likely cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The nails are modern. It may have been a line shack used by the cowboys. Yes, there are still working cowboys. There are rocks laid out in the front. Perhaps there was a garden. That would be a woman`s touch? Fascinating.

More pictures of the Coconino Plateau. My son and daughter in law took the pictures  from inside their truck and they are a bit bright as it was about 5 P:M. They drove the roads around their property and this is what they shared with me.
Antelope grazing. Cedars and scrub oak are prevalent.

A few antelope to the right. This is a beautiful view isn`t it?

They see the donkey often. Notice the railroad in the background. This is  where we parked our car and the kids picked us up. The roads are passable by truck, a little rough on cars.

Javalina. Keep your distance.

 Wild Horses.

and their friends

Beautiful, aren`t they? They have a difficult life.
My daughter in law makes fantastic meals in her dutch oven. This is.the makings for cheese steak sandwiches. Notice the parchment paper. No clean-up. She made pizza the day before in the pot and they decided it was the best ever.

A young elk. The bull is somewhere back in the trees.

There are a couple of new lightening caused fires today. At least one on the Hualapai reservation again. It`s humid, that should help. I hope you enjoyed your visit.



  1. I loved the pictures and the story about the house - beautiful. blessings, marlene

  2. What an interesting post; that house is something! And as always, wonderful pictures, Catherine.

  3. Wonderful photos..almost feel I've been there...the house is quite interesting....I love all old timey things, don't you?

  4. Your post is amazing! Your pictures and text are so well done, I feel like I was traveling with you today! Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE the pictures! You sure live in beautiful country! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! ♥


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